We provide international shared-housing service based in Kobe, an international city, for people from all over the world.
You will have such precious experiences including encounters with people and different cultures, through shared housing.

A relationship with your housemates will make you feel happy, secure and comfortable.
Also they will give you easy access to information and wide network of people.

And cost effectiveness will be another advantage of shared housing: you can move into a fully furnished room with lower initial costs, and without key money.
You also can lower other living costs while sharing common spaces including kitchens, buses and toilets with your housemates, which also would offers you a convenient and effective lifestyle and great experiences.

So why don’t you start a new life full of inspiration, among stimulating people at a shared house!

Lately more people especially younger ones are interested in shared housing.
We offer full support that can help make your new life comfortable and enjoyable.
Feel free to ask anything if you have any questions.
Based on the concept of “Creating Comfortable Co-living”, we also offer various events and opportunities to connect people at shared houses.